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From all over the world, in all over the world

The orchestra Philharmonia Frankfurt, founded in 2019, is probably one of the newest orchestras in Germany but is certainly a most surprising, interesting and ambitious ensemble. 

The Philharmonia Frankfurt is one of those musical discoveries whose exceptional character is immediately noticeable and above all, heard. The eye-catching dedication, great passion and inspiring intensity of the orchestra take the listener from the first notes. The ensemble comprises graduates from the world class Frankfurt Music School making this orchestra one of the currently most exciting professional orchestras in Germany: an international, top-class ensemble with a wide repertoire that knows how to inspire audiences.

The verve and energy of the orchestra can be explained, among other things, by its international cast that is in itself a reflection of Frankfurt's multicultural society. The ensemble members come not only from European countries but also from South America, Asia, Australia, as well as from Israel and Turkey. This is one intercultural group of artists whose greatest common denominator is the language of music. So strikes the warm sound of the legendary Eastern European string school on the precision and virtuosity of Western European wind tradition and develops into a truly unique sound.

The wide-ranging repertoire of the orchestra, from baroque to modern, chamber music to large symphonies, has ensured development into an extremely sought-after body of sound. In addition, the orchestra also crosses genre boundaries in its work and dares to perform exciting experiments beyond classical music: there are various crossover projects with Rock and Jazz musicians and also electronic music that are on the orchestra's agenda.

The artists of the ensemble are as international as their performances: tours throughout Europe and beyond are planned for the coming seasons, including engagements in South Korea, Israel, South America, Dubai and Turkey.

The chief conductor of the orchestra is the renowned Frankfurt conductor Juri Gilbo, who is also responsible for the artistic direction of the ensemble.